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Lucas Weismann

In two days – Get Told Tales Free on My Birthday!

My birthday is March 31, so I’m giving away free copies of my book The Djinn’s Heart and Other Stories.  That’s it. No biggie.  No signups for email lists required (though if you want to, you can sign up here), no special link.  Just go to amazon and click on it and get it for free.

If you can’t wait that long, no problem.  It’s only $2.99.  I just thought it would be  a nice thank you for anyone who has been reading my stuff and might want it all in one place.  And I *think* you can gift it to people though amazon too, so if you know someone who might like it, you can get it for them as a gift.

So that’s it. No strings, no mailing list, just a free book because it’s my birthday.  Hope you enjoy!

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