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Lucas Weismann

On What to Read

Go read everything you can

Reading makes you think.

Novels, Comics and directions

For your kitchen sink


Never shy away my son

From forbidden lore

Just know that every thing you learn

Will make you thirst for more


You’ll never know your path in life

Until it’s done and trod

Go read of villains, heroes and 

Some long forgotten god.


Pay attention to which books 

People try to burn

For powerful ideas live

‘Tween every page’s turn


Learn to think like Plato

Marcus and the rest,

But take it with a grain of salt

Choose what you think is best


Wisdom from the mouth of babes

Proceedeth it is said.

Perhaps it’s true, but only if

Those babes are quite well-read


Go read every thing you can

Reading makes you think

Headlong into wisdom’s font

Take a good long drink.

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