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Lucas Weismann

Art Goes Here – Episode 1 – Vision

Art Goes Here Podcast Cover Art
In this episode, we meet our hosts Dexter, Dolly and Lucas as they discuss their vision for what they want out of the creative life and why they want to reach it.  It’s short and sweet and to the point.
Dexter’s Youtube Channel  – http://www.puffyfluffl.com
Dolly’s Website – http://www.dollyheart.com
Lucas’s Website – http://www.lucasweismann.com
Art Goes Here is © 2016 Lucas Weismann and may be shared in its entirety for any non-commercial use so long as credit is provided to Lucas, Dexter, and Dolly.  For details, please contact lucas@lucasweismann.com

The Music is Cantina Rag by Jackson F Smith – For more info or for the full track, go to http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jackson_F_Smith/Jackson_Frederick_Smith/

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