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Lucas Weismann

What I’ve been up to – And a friend’s kickstarter

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last week with my friend Kezia Wineburg.  She’s a unique character. A buddhist poolshark, a former  Jeet Kune Do practitioner who used to be a bartender at First Avenue in Minneapolis.  An acupuncturist turned neuroscientist.  A unique individual to be sure.

We’ve been writing together at my family home north of Stillwater, Minnesota.  In that time, (and partly due to her good example) I put down over 10,000 words in my rough draft.  For that reason, and because I think it’s a good idea, I’m going to give her a shout out right here.

Not satisfied with the resume I listed above, Kezia is embarking on a new adventure. She’s becoming the publisher of an online magazine called Situate.  The idea is novel.  It’s an a quarterly rag where each issue will feature a given city (the first one is New Orleans!).

Most of the contributors won’t be travel writers; they’ll be artists and writers from each featured city.  People imbued with everything that city has to offer, people who are steeped in it’s rhythms and flavors.

That is why this project is so cool.  Take a minute, check out the video and contribute like I did.

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