Lucas Weismann

Who is Lucas Weismann and Why do I care?

544150_10151455892317949_1460172853_nSo who is this guy?

As the title of the website suggests, I’m a Photographer, Dancer and Gentleman Adventurer.  I travel the world seeking new experiences ideas and stories.  Some of which might even be suitable for public reading!  In those cases I shall do my best to make a web-log or “blog” post about these things.  If you wish to learn more about the Photography or Dancer aspects of my character, you can visit any of the websites below:


Dancer – This is the website for my dance instruction. – These are the dance events I run primarily in North America, but events in Europe will can be found here as well. – These are events I run in the UK with Velody.  Chances are, we have an event coming up soon.  Check out the page for more info!

Photographer – This is my online portfolio and any content I have related to photography will be found here.

Gentleman Adventurer

This is the website for this.  This is the catch-all site for anything not directly dance or photography-related that I experience or think about and wish to share with you.

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