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Lucas Weismann

Writing Prompt 2 – Things that Perk

Today’s assignment was to make a list of things that perk:

  • an animal’s Ears perk and twitch when trying to ascertain the direction of a noise
  • A dog’s head perks up from slumber
  • gophers perk up out of there holes
  • the same goes for marmots, mongoose and mice
  • cheerleaders can be perky
  • coffee finish percolating and then perk you up
  • after jumping through the hole in the ice, the cold made my nipples look quite perky
  • a person can have perky eyes
  • one flower in a field of many perked over the rest
  • a game can perk up after an interesting move relieves boredom
  • the same goes for a dance whose DJ changes the mood to music the dancers want to hear
  • my attitude, upon being told dinner is ready and we’re having Pot Roast (The capital letters are intentional.  If you’ve had Pot Roast cooked by my Mom, my Dad, my Grandma or Me, you know why…)
  • In general though, it seems to break down into a few possibilities
    • Physical part of someone
    • A person’s attitude
    • energy, or the atmosphere in a room.
  • Decorations such as flowers lain at a jaunty angle.
  • The economy
  • a political campaign
  • A product line after it’s been given a figurative facelift.
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