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An Ode to Jake.

Dad and me.Many of you know how great my dad Jake​ is. For those who don’t, you’re missing out. I would love to hear anyone’s best “Jake” story. Because there are a million of them, and I would do him a disservice to pick just one.



In the meantime:


Thank you for being the guy who gave me my first pocket knife, hatchet, canoe paddle and being the one who taught me how to use them.

For being the guy who taught me the meaning of the phrase “If you knew wrestling, you wouldn’t get into this situation.”

For quitting jobs with high pay to take lower paying jobs that allowed you to come to my wrestling meets and then going on to rock those industries and become the best at that.

He plays the bluesYou are the reason I know “That which one man can do, another can do.”

Thank you for being the dad all our friends wished was their dad growing up.


4 thoughts on “An Ode to Jake.

  1. I have a bunch of great Jake stories but here is one that had a direct impact on you.
    So there we were two tough guys on the floor at Target looking for bad guys. Truth be told we were looking for hot chicks more than anything but me at 120 lbs had no chance standing next to the chiseled Jake Weismann. Suddenly there she was, exactly the hot chick we had been looking for. If only Jake had a way to get her attention everything would be perfect!, What to do, what to do? Knowing Jake was almost as accomplished as Bruce Lee, I suggest a spinning back kick might just do the trick. You guessed it, Jake thought that was a great idea, because he was sooooo studley this couldn’t not work. As we casually strolled through the warehouse she appeared again right where we anticipated. (Sounds like stalking when I type this but it wasn’t. I don’t think.) Jake leaps in the air doing his very bestest EVER Spin Kick. How exciting it was to see, then RIPPPPPP! Because Jake was sooo Studley he had to wear tight pants, (not at all what Bruce Lee would have worn but that’s what made Jake special. He was a pioneer, possibly giving birth to spandex.) Yep! Pants nearly ripped in 2. Desperately looking for something to cover himself up, I could do nothing to help my best friend. I was overtaken with such laughter that I lost control of my legs and wound up rolling on the floor laughing.

    1. That is fantastic. I have NEVER heard this story! This is exactly what I am hoping for. Who else has one?

  2. That is totally a made up story, but I do remember Flanagan, who told us that Muk Do Kwan was so lethal that he couldn’t spar because it would be too dangerous for his opponent, we finally convinced him that we would not hold him responsible if maimed. Three seconds later, it was confirmed that Muk was not quite as lethal as he thought…

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