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RE: Having conversations about feminISM, socialISM, capitalISM, conservatISM, racISM, sexISM and etc…

Recently on a Facebook group I sometimes read, someone asked a question about people feeling fatigue talking about race-, sex-, femin- and may other isms that they are passionate about.  Specifically how to approach people about a topic you’re passionate about, but might be tiring or a turn-off for them.

This was my reply:

I think often people don’t realize that teaching adults about -isms and your view of political situations is like teaching (your own) children about sex.

Lots of people screw it up, but in general a good approach is:

1) answer any questions someone has no matter how “stupid” they are.
2) give answers to exactly and ONLY exactly what they ask.

People need to process info and sometimes it takes time. Especially when challenging a long-held belief.

Give things to people in chunks they can digest. 

Often we forget that we’ve eaten most of our elephant and they’re just getting started on theirs.

Other than that… (this is there the sex-ed metaphor ends btw…)

Know that willingness to learn might be your next step, not a level of understanding of the ism or issue that you feel you have.

And then ESPECIALLY when you’re sure you’re right. Consider that you might be wrong. About the big stuff.

Humility in you will encourage humility in them.
condescension breeds condescension.

Here is a link to the original post as well as the discussion as it progresses.  What do you think?

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