Lucas Weismann

Why I Volunteer

In the Beginning…

I’ll be the first to admit that for most of my life, I haven’t been the most community-minded person.  Maybe that makes me a bad person, or maybe it’s because I grew up in the woods about 40 minutes by bike from my nearest friends.  Whatever the case, the whole “go-team! Rah Rah! Let’s-do-it-for-the-community-thing” never really sat well with me.  I got the whole boy scout thing as far as earning merit badges and learning interesting skills went, but that was mostly so that if I was lost in the woods, or trapped under a burning bear in an earthquake I would know how to escape with only a pair of tweezers, a rubber band and some homemade c4 plastique explosive (like you probably have lying around your house…).

I never understood that community was a thing to strive for.  The same with people who use terms like “the people.”  To this day when this is used, I get the strange feeling that I’m somehow not included in that group they’re referring to as “the people”.
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