Lucas Weismann

Who is Lucas Weismann and Why do I care?


Who is This Guy?
As the title of the website suggests, I’m a Photographer, Dancer and Gentleman Adventurer.  I travel the world seeking new experiences ideas and stories.  

Since 2017, I’ve been dedicating myself to solar and real estate development. So far I’ve kept that off of this site, but it may appear at some point in the future.  

As I go about having my daily adventures, I’ll add them to this site.  If you wish to learn about the Dancer aspects of my character, you can visit any of the websites below:

Dancer – This is the website for my dance instruction.
• – These are the dance events I run primarily in North America, but events in Europe will can be found here as well. – These are events I run in the UK with Velody.  Chances are, we have an event coming up soon.  Check out the page for more info!

Photographer – This is my online portfolio and any content I have related to photography will be found here – very soon this will be subsumed by this site and you’ll be able to find the images here.

Gentleman Adventurer
This is the website for this.  This is the catch-all site for anything not directly dance or photography-related that I experience or think about and wish to share with you.

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