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Lucas Weismann

Another Winter Gone – 14

Janet picked up the phone and dialed.  After a few rings, a voiced picked up the phone.

“Yes, hello?”

“Hello Marcus, this is Janet from the Echo, we spoke earlier.”

“Ahh, yes.  The fluff piece on me.  Wanting to know about why I’m out in the woods and all that.”

“Yes, well.”  he needn’t have put it like that she thought (not realizing Marcus was feeling the same way). “Anyway, I’m writing the piece and I had some questions about some of the newspapers written about you in the past.  Jessica, the girl you saved from the cold and Sheriff Bleeker and a few others.  Except that it seems like in nearly every case you keep your name out of the papers and disappear before anyone can take a statement.”

“I don’t really care to have a fuss made about me.  Anything I may or may not have done is no more heroic than chopping firewood or doing the work in front of me that anyone with half an ounce of sense would do if they were in my position.”

“All the same, I’d like a chance to talk with you and to find out more about what makes a man like you.”

“I’m not sure I know what makes someone like me, or if there should be more like me in the world, but I suppose I was unnecessarily brusque last time you were over.  Do you want to come out to my place?”

“That would be fine.  When should I come out?”

“Any time before Sunday would be fine.  I’ll be home.”

“Thank you.  I’ll come out Wednesday afternoon.”

“See you then.”

She hung up the phone.  Alright then.  Wednesday.

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