Lucas Weismann

A lesson I relearn every few years. (Needs Refinement)

Whether in Martial Arts or Dance or Life, I’m finding that I should not seek a system or a code.  These are inflexible.

Often there are simple ideas that started them, but they were supple as a result.  The situations were able to be shaped as their situation demanded.

Once you adopt a code, it’s like covering yourself in clay or mud.  In time, it may armor you a bit until it dries out or crystalizes.

Then it becomes brittle and will crack under strain, leaving you exposed.

Can a rigid moral code make sense of this?
Can a rigid moral code make sense of this?

Much better to seek principles that can be applied to situations.  Find out what the true rules are that make the rules you think you know.

Seek the simple expression of your art, your life, your way and let it help you remain constant in an inconstant world.

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